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"Thank you for your kindness and professionalism! We are so pleased with everything you've done."
The Burnett Family
"Dr. Horvath and the staff were excellent! Their consistent words of encouragement made my treatment pleasant. I most of all loved Dr. Horvath's gentle, family oriented approach towards his patients. I have no doubt that this practice is the best in the Upstate!"
Rev. Artur Przywara
"This has been by far, the best experience imagined for our orthodontic treatment. A fully competent staff in a friendly, clean and genuinely warm environment! Thanks so much for my daughter's beautiful smile!"
The Fowlers
"Your staff always went above and beyond. We appreciate the kindness and professionalism in which we were treated. We had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Horvath!"
Jenna B.
"Dr. Horvath was so thorough and always spent extra time with us explaining the treatment process. He would answer any questions we had. This left us well informed and pleased to have chosen Dr. Horvath as our orthodontist."
The Angels
"We simply love ya'll! Dr. Horvath has the sweetest staff and an exceptional experience!"
The Parris Family
"You made sure Jacob had a GREAT experience with his orthodontic treatment. We mostly appreciated how much the office worked with us to make sure we didn't miss school."
The Clardy Family
"It has been 13 years since my braces came off, but this morning as I was getting ready for church, I looked in the mirror and thought again about how thankful I was that I have a nice, straight smile. I have had this thought a few different times over the years, but as I have gotten older I have come to be of the opinion that sometimes we need to be told when we have made a positive difference in someone's life. You are one of those people to me. I know that you were only doing your job, but in reality, it has affected much of my life.

When my family and I first came to your office, my teeth were so crooked that I had stopped wanting to smile. I didn't want anyone to see my teeth. Two years and lots of rubber bands and orthodontic wax later, I had something that was and still is priceless to me...the confidence of a straight smile. While it may not seem like a monumental thing, it was for me.

I had the confidence to open up my mouth and sing without fear of what might be said about my teeth. I had the confidence to speak publicly in front of audiences both large and small. I have been in my friend's weddings, usually trying to unglue my smile after so many pictures! I have been able to offer smiles to people that comfort them and let them know they are important.

So today as a teacher, when I see my students walk in with their shiny new braces, I commiserate about the pain (and how I had to suffer through it TWICE!) but I also see that this is just one more part of their identity and bringing them closer to who they will become.

Thank you for helping me along that path. I will never forget."
Erin Luc
"At Dr. Horvath's office, the treatment area and atmosphere is so relaxing for patients and family members. The entire office is absolutely beautiful, especially with all the windows and openness in the operatory. Dr. Horvath is an awesome doctor with an awesome staff! Megan, Madison and Bryan have beautiful smiles and a lot more confidence now. Thanks so much for all that you have done for our family."
The Stephens Family
"Our family is so pleased with every aspect of your practice - from the moment we walked in for the first consultation to the retainer check-ups after my children's braces were removed. We have recommended you to anyone we talk to that is looking for a “great” orthodontist. Both Gabby and Hunter had a very positive experience with your office. Thank you Dr. Horvath!"
The Boniface Family
"We feel so blessed to be a part of this practice. The office incentives and contests were very fun for Catherine Grace while she was undergoing Phase I Treatment with Dr. Horvath. What we liked most about the practice was that it does not feel like you are in a doctor's office because of the decor and open feeling. We look forward to continuing the Phase II part of Catherine Grace's treatment. Thank you so much for being so wonderful to our little girl!"
The Lancasters
"This office has a very consistent staff and takes pride in staying on schedule. I always felt so welcomed and cared for in a personal manner by Dr. Horvath. The final result is fantastic!! I love my smile!"
A. Whitten
"Our family loves everything about Dr. Horvath's office. Even the coffee, drinks and snacks! The entire staff is caring, professional and helpful. Most of all, Dr. Horvath treats us like we are family. Thank you all for the amazing service that we received during our son's treatment with you!"
The Wiggins Family
"After my consultation with Dr. Horvath, I felt so comfortable and excited about my decision to move forward with Invisalign. Dr. Horvath and his staff are wonderful and truly love caring for their patients. As a 35-year old professional, I was concerned about wearing braces. Invisalign was completely unnoticeable, affordable and so easy to maintain. I wish I hadn't waited so long but I am beyond thrilled with the results and the care I received. I absolutely recommend Dr. Horvath to anyone considering orthodontics."
Jennifer Stone - Owner of Skin-A-Peel
"I absolutely love the atmosphere of Dr. Horvath's office. I have told many people over the course of my two daughters' treatment with Dr. Horvath, that they have the perfect balance of being friendly and professional. This is so rare! Braces are such an investment and knowing that my daughters would need them made me fearful. That fear was put to rest after our first visit with Dr. Horvath. We love how involved and giving Dr. Horvath is with the community too!"
Mrs. Hennecy (Mother of Lydia and Priscilla)
"We have been delighted with the orthodontic service provided by Dr. Horvath and his staff for two of our children. It is a rare experience to find an office that combines superior expertise, professionalism, excellent service, genuine caring, and a friendly atmosphere, but this office does it all--and does it well. We give Dr. Horvath and his fantastic staff our highest recommendation!"
Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Gilsdorf
"At Dr. Horvath's office, I experienced exceptional service and care. The entire office is filled with smiling faces and genuinely cares about the customer's needs. Over the years, I grew to know the staff on a first name basis and looked forward to seeing everyone at each visit. For anyone who wants a perfect smile, I would recommend everyone I know to check out Dr. Horvath for sure."
Jake Henjes
"Dr. Horvath and his staff have provided EXCELLENT orthodontic care for my daughter. Everyone in the office has a kind and gentle nature which helped put my daughter and I both at ease. That was important to me because she was only 7 when she started seeing Dr. Horvath. We couldn't have asked for better care! Her smile is absolutely beautiful because of his work! We love Dr. Horvath and his staff!"
Shonna Carter
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